Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) is the first IUGS-recognized Big Science Program

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DDE Annual Report 2021
DDE Annual Report 2020
Framework Documents
DDE is a big science program dedicated to facilitate innovation in understanding the Earth’s evolution and applications as well as the Sustainable Development Goals utilizing Big Data analytics, internet cloud computing, data mining, machine learning and AI.
Medium Term Plan 2021-2025
By DDE Secretariat in 20 Spet 2020. Deep-time Digital Earth Big Program.
DDE Statutes
Approved by DDE Governing Council in 8 Sept 2021. Deep-time Digital Earth Big Science Program.
DDE White Paper
Draft version by DDE Science Committee in 1 Mar 2022. Deep-time Digital Earth Big Science Program.
DDE IP Policy
Draft version by DDE Executive Committee, 3 Sept 2021. Deep-time Digital Earth Big Science Program.
DDE Events
DDE regularly participates in innovative research, big science and technology-related conferences, townhall events, and inter-disciplinary symposia. Click any image for more info and access to our full calendar of events.
American Geophysical Union (AG...
International Meeting for Appl...
2022 Euroscience Open Forum
DDE 6th EC Meeting
Unconventional Resources Techn...
Digital Geoscience Workshop, D...
83rd EAGE Conference & Exhibit...
InterPore 2022
General Assembly of the Europe...
29th Middle East Petroleum & G...
AAPG Europe Regional Conferenc...
Offshore Technology Conference...
2022 International Convention ...
AAPG Remaining Hydrocarbon Pot...

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The three-society (SEG – AAPG – SPE) conference took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas, February 20 – 23, 2022. The conference consisted of keynotes, technical presentations, technical panels, breakout collaboration sessions, and exhibits in three main areas: Data Management & Architecture, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and ESG (Environment, Sustainability, and Governance). A total of 226 attended the conference.


DDE Working Group 11: Paleomagnetism 2021 Annual Report