Geological Timeline



This project is initiated by DDE and International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS)

PI: David A.T. Harper

Grant from DDE Up to $150,000 USD for a period of 3 years.

DDE and ICS plan to co-sponsor the project with a funding ratio of 1:1

Funding requested: $80,850 (1st year $41,675; 2nd year $39,175)

Project Summary:

This project is a data capture, management, and analysis program for stratigraphic sections, aligned with the aims of the DDE to create a ‘Google’ database for the Earth sciences. The project is also aligned with many of the high-level objectives of the International Commission on Stratigraphy, a permanent commission of the IUGS and the initiator and keeper of stratigraphic data for Global Stratigraphic Sections and Points (GSSPs). The key aims of this project are outlined below:

1)       Construction and management of the geological timescale; definition and correlation of GSSPs for global stages, series and systems and their time equivalents.

2)       Calibration of the geological timescale against absolute time using all available biological and non-biological methods.

3)       Develop a programme to identify key sections (initially GSSPs) to digitize stratigraphic range data for biologic and non-biologic proxies for migrations into DDE databases.

4)       Engage early-career researchers and interns (supported financially by the programme) to source and help quality-check data prior to migration.

5)       Translate the work of the group into outreach through the more traditional channels of lectures, popular science publications and exhibitions together with the frequent use of social media including a YouTube channel.