China Country Node


This project is initiated by DDE and China Geological Survey (CGS)


Scientists from China Geological Survey (CGS).


CGS and DDE will co-sponsor the project. DDE support will be in-kind and does not require financial inputs.

Project Summary:

The primary task of the global data sharing initiative is to establish a standardized, extensible, and easily replicated country node building template. For the majority of data structure and geoscience professionals, global geoscience data sharing and serving involves the consistency in different countries in terms of culture, organizational structure, laws and regulations. Furthermore, the sharing of DDE’s outputs and resources must solve the problems caused by the fragmentation of data sources, inconsistent storage and application standards, and lack of access to data sharing. A country node can demonstrate a series of standards for sharing and serving in different countries which could serve as a model for others. In all, it is proposed to apply for the country node (China) construction project, which aims to remove technical barriers to geological data sharing in other countries, establish a template for the construction of national nodes, promote "open science" and interdisciplinary research in the era of big data, as well as reconstruct geoscientific knowledge systems and promote the development of basic geoscientific research.

Based on the geographic data sharing pathway, this project will open up the various links of data circulation, study geographic data sharing mechanism of the national node, establish the national node template of DDE for geographic data sharing, accelerate geographic data circulation, form a China-international, domestic-domestic geographic data industry ecology, and improve the degree of sharing and utilization of geographic data. The project will produce the public service portal of country node (China), DDE data sharing specifications for national node building, and provide construction schemes for node construction in developing countries with low information level (for example, for African countries), including hardware, software, network (such as 5G) and other infrastructure technical support, operation maintenance and related training.