Geoscience Knowledge System Standardization


This project is initiated by DDE and Commission on the Management & Application of Geoscience Information (IUGS-CGI)

Principal Investigators:

Harvey Thorleifson(US)

Zhang Minghua(China)

Alena Rybkina(Russia)


21 scientists

Funding requested:

$150,000 for 3 years

Project Summary:

Geoscience data standards for implementation of the DDE programme are essential and critical. This project will establish practical core data standards for DDE involving harmonization of global deep-time digital Earth data to enable digital data access and interoperability across geographically distributed, multiple disciplinary geoscience databases, knowledge systems, tools and methodologies. These standards will enable data- and knowledge-driven discoveries in geosciences and industries and provide insights into the distribution and value of Earth’s resources and materials.

The goals of this project are to implement data standardization within the DDE knowledge system to support data-driven discoveries, to provide efficient training to the DDE working groups on existing relevant standards and implementation, and to develop meta-data standards and geoscience data exchange standards. Once implemented across DDE, vast amounts of existing and new geosciences data will be findable, accessible, and interoperable across multiple protocols, platforms, and linked data centres and databases. A fundamental geoscience data standards-based architecture will enable development of the 10-year DDE programme to secure both traditional data analysis and mining and modern data-driven discoveries, including through big data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These can be innovatively applied for understanding the Earth's evolution and sustainable development.

The strategy of the project is to develop a fundamental DDE standards architecture based on digital technology and data exchange models that are compatible with, for example, world-wide implemented CGI/OGC and ISO standards, industrial standards and web service standards, and compatible with existing international, regional, national geoscience databases.

Products and outputs through the course of the project will include (1) review of DDE semantic knowledge system, (2) DDE standards architecture and coordination of portfolio of standards necessary to implement DDE, (3) training and evaluation on existing relevant standards for implementation in DDE, (4) metadata standards of DDE based on ISO19115, (5) newly issued geoscience data standards of DDE based on CGI/OGC GeoSciML, and (6) Earth resource data standards of DDE based on CGI EarthResourceML.

This project will play a unique and important role in DDE web-based digital geosciences data sharing, exchange and interoperation for knowledge discoveries and pave a solid foundation of DDE geoscience data to comply with FAIR Data Principles for the whole world.