Mapping and exporting results


Mapping and exporting results


A mapping and export tool is located in the Earth Explorer module to create a high-quality map from user data.


Researchers frequently need to create a map from their spatial data and export the result after processing. This tool quickly exports the layers currently displayed. Users can easily customize the title, compass, graticule, legend style and page layout. At the same time, a sub-picture in the lower right corner is displayed so that the user can see the target plot location relative to a larger area.

How to use:

After the user has uploaded their data and visualized it in Earth Explorer, click on the export module on the left side to use this function. Customize the title, set the compass, graticule, legend style, and adjust page layout to create a map using the buttons. Download the map by clicking the Export button on the top right side.



Earth Explorer-Export

This function is available after free registration.