Creating custom points/lines/polygons


Creating custom points/lines/polygons


Creating custom points/lines/polygons is a function provided in Earth Explorer module. With this tool, users can draw vector shapes and save them as a layer for further analysis.


Creating vector shapes with spatial information is the most fundamental function in spatial analysis. This tool adds a function to create vector elements online based on the 3D earth, allowing users to interact with the massive data provided by DDE Platform and carry out further analysis to meet their scientific needs.

How to use:

After loading the data uploaded by users or the data atom provided by DDE platform on the 3D Earth in the Earth Explorer module, click Tools button on the left sidebar, click the Add custom layer tool, and choose the geometry type to be created. The user can then draw on the 3D Earth. After drawing, click Create Layer to add custom layers, which can be displayed on the 3D earth.



Earth Explorer-Tools - Add Custom Geojson

This function is available after free registration.