Bchron-based deep-time age-depth model


Bchron-based deep-time age-depth model


The mathematical background of the "Bchron" package for modeling the age-depth relationship is a continuous Markov monotone stochastic process to make inference on a partially observed monotone stochastic process. The motivating problem is the establishment of a chronology for samples taken from ocean sediment cores. For example, given the sample depths, a set of dates are predicted, knowing that the most natural sedimentation age-depth relationship is monotone.


Most implementations of the age-depth model use R programming language which can be problematic for researchers using PCs. To overcome this, DDE Platform group has encapsulated the package using cloud native containerization technologies. Utilizing the resources of cloud computing and the capabilities of Deep-time Engine, the backbone of deep-time.org, researchers need only provide their own data and add parameters on the platform to produce an age-depth prediction table in their browsers.

How to use:

Users can find the model description and specifications for data input in the "Scene - Spatiotemporal Analysis" label in the Computation section. Click the "interest" button to collect the model in MyDDE to use it in the Analysis module. After filling in the parameters, click "Run" to submit computation tasks and obtain the results in MyDDE cloud storage section.




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