Elastic CPU Computing



Elastic CPU Computing


The elastic CPU Computing resource is an elastic and scalable computing service provided by DDE platform. Users can apply for 0.25-2 cores(vCPU) and 0.5-4GB CPU resources according to their needs.


Computing resources are the basis of data-driven geology analysis. DDE Platform provides global geoscientists with convenient and powerful online computing services through Deep-time Engine.  Based on the capabilities of the cloud, we can provide elastic CPU computing power. This means that users are no longer constrained by a fixed number of CPUs but can achieve elastic resource allocation through the adaptation of computing tasks, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

How to use:

In Analysis Flow, the platform dynamically adjusts to the CPU cap requirements set by the user. While in CodeTask, the user can select computing resources of different sizes according to their research needs. Click save and in a short while the user can enter ‘ddelab' to call computing resources provided by the platform to run their code.





This function is available after free registration.