Intelligent Structured Data Analysis (Smart Chart)



The Intelligent Structured Data Analysis module (Smart Chart) is DDE Platform’s structured data visualization and auxiliary analysis tool for research purposes[PF1] .


In the past, geoscientists have resorted to different locally-installed heavy software apps to accomplish simple plotting requirements, e.g., Harker Diagrams, TAS Diagrams, Spider Plots, as part of routine research. Smart Chart, one of the plugins available in the DDE Platform Plugins Ecosystem, encompasses most mainstream table analysis capabilities such as histograms, scatter plots and triangulation plots, allowing users to interactively query and visualize Platform data online.

How to use:

Smart Chart is located in the Tools section of MyDDE. Users can browse data on the Platform or upload their own data. Once the data are selected, users can customize their own plots and select which columns to display. The process can be executed iteratively until all the data are fully explored. Users can download the plot for their own purposes.


Note: this function is available after free registration.