DDE’s Sedimentary Flux Calculator (SFC)


Sedimentary Flux Calculator (SFC)


DDE’s Sedimentary Flux Calculator (SFC) is a tool that can be used to automatically obtain the sedimentary flux per unit area through series and linear interpolation based on the lithological composition, density and age model of a borehole or profile.

Features: Sedimentary flux is an important sedimentological parameter that plays a crucial role in revealing tectonic, climatic and biogeochemical evolution. However, in the study of deep-time sedimentology, this parameter has received little attention, and there is neither a unified calculation method nor a readily available calculation tool. The Sedimentary Flux Calculator provides a way to quantitatively calculate the sedimentary flux using borehole data or profiles. The basic data used are age model, lithological composition, and density; these data are easily obtainable, and results are reliable. The Sedimentary Flux Calculator compensates for the shortcomings of previous methods and tools for sediment flux calculation; using this tool, time series evolution data of sedimentary flux per unit area represented by different profiles can be obtained in batches, and the evolution curve of sedimentary flux can be generated.

How to use: DDE’s SFC is simple to use. Data are uploaded using the data template, and then sedimentary flux for the corresponding borehole in the area is calculated by following the system prompts. The evolution curve can be drawn with the statistical analysis tool.

Calculating sediment flux using DDE’s Sedimentary Flux Calculator.