DDE Geo Open Knowledge Graph



DDE’s GeoOpenKG is a one-stop system for opening and sharing geoscience knowledge graphs. Its goal is to allow the sharing of geoscience knowledge accumulated on the DDE Platform with industrial and scientific Platform users and researchers in a simple and orderly way. Shared knowledge graphs can be used to publicize and promote relevant geoscience areas of interest, while at the same time knowledge graphs can be continuously improved, based on feedback and log analysis during construction and use.

The unique feature of GeoOpenKG is that it gathers multi-source knowledge graphs and the official websites of open knowledge graphs commonly used in geoscience now, so that users experience a one-stop process of acquiring geoscience knowledge and avoiding complex search and identify operations.

GeoOpenKG is an application based on B/S architecture. Its functions currently include knowledge retrieval, knowledge browsing, knowledge visualization and knowledge download. GeoOpenKG can be accessed through any browser and full user instructions are provided in the user manual. GeoOpenKG website address is: https://geoopenkg.deep-time.org.