DDE OnePetrology


DDE OnePetrology


DDE OnePetrology provides geochronology, isotope, and geochemistry data for igneous rock types from around the world, with especially with high resolution in Asia.


Publicly available data are displayed on an interactive map with a digital igneous map layer. The data can be searched, browsed, and downloaded by location, age, geochemical, or another attribute. Maps of igneous rock types from around the world, thematic datasets, and relevant documents as products based on these data are also available.


A desktop program can be downloaded for the user/researcher to organize and contribute data for private use and for the public database. Various geochemical classification and discriminant diagrams can be plotted using data from the online database or local files.



This database will continue to be improved systematically for traditional radiogenic isotopes (e.g., Nd, Hf isotopes), non-traditional isotopes, and zircon geochronology of igneous rocks. In addition, a research platform is being established to enable intelligent deep-time mapping and data analysis, following the Big Data, digital mapping, and comprehensive study paradigm.