Field Investigation on the Loess Plateau


The Loess Plateau is of paramount importance in geomorphological research due to its unique landforms and environmental significance, offering insights into erosion, sedimentation, and landscape evolution with global relevance. Field investigations on the Loess Plateau are routine activities of the Geomorphology Working Group. From August 8 to 14, 2023, under the leadership of Prof. Tang and Prof. Li, members of the Geomorphology Working Group went to the Loess Plateau region for a geomorphological field investigation.

The geomorphology field investigation encompassed various aspects. It served to deepen the understanding of geomorphological erosion, sedimentation, and landscape evolution on the Loess Plateau.


Furthermore, for the geomorphology team, this field investigation facilitated the collection and acquisition of crucial data in the geomorphology database. It also strengthened their connections with related research institutions and businesses, thereby expanding the avenues for future scientific research and development.