DDE Standards Group attends the 38th GIC conference in May 2023


On May 8-11, 2023, Co-leader of the standards group of IUGS DDE program Prof Dr Zhang Minghua and another 3 scientists attended the 38th Geoscience Information Consortium (GIC) conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Zhang presented a talk on an introduction to the standards group of IUGS-DDE program. He shortly briefed the progress of DDE since its kick-off meeting to the Paris Open science Forum, and the fast development of disciplinary databases, geoscience knowledge and the platform. The progress and achievements of the DDE standards group was also presented, including DDE geoscience knowledge system review procedure, DDE metadata standard draft, geoscience standard training workshop and the being drafted DDE geoscience standards framework. With challenges and opportunities for geoscience standards to meet the needs of DDE and digital geosciences, Zhang pointed out the importance of scientists and groups, professional and young, joining DDE, DDE standards group and CGI (the Commission for Geoscience Information of IUGS).

Five questions and answers raised after Zhang’s talk, and short discussions with topic leadings by Matt Harrison and David Lescinsky were conducted shortly. And the IT project leader Mr. Jorgen Tulstrup of the European GSEU program expressed a wish to contact for joining DDE. The conference was well organized by Ms Jansa Šinigoj, head of geological information center and her team from the geological survey of Slovenia.