DDE  Data Group conducted the list of following initiatives till Feb. 2022

Initiative on DDE Data Alliance

Under the guidance of Open Science, drafted a draft of the initiative on DDE Data Alliance, covering the demand for open sharing of deep-time digital earth data, the purpose and mission of the alliance's construction, the rights and obligations of the alliance members, and the main operational mechanisms of the alliance. The draft of data alliance was initially discussed at the DDE EC meeting, and specific suggestions for changes were given.

DDE Big Data Open Architecture

Under the guidance of FAIR principles, the framework design for the construction of DDE Big Data was carried out. The main contents included: establishing a base framework for the DDE Big Data system based on DDE data policies, standards and unified data alliance; building a data master dictionary and a linked data network based on unified metadata and data exchange standards; integrated construction a five-tier data products system from archives of geographical survey activities, publisher or journal literature, databases of international academic organizations, databases of large scientific instruments, existing online or offline databases, and personal data of volunteers. Supported by the DDE base camp management system, registration and warehousing system, six types of nodes were constructed, namely national/regional nodes, discipline nodes, field nodes, interest/volunteer nodes, physical nodes, and layer nodes.

Data node promotion

Continuously promoted the construction of disciplinary nodes such as OneStratigraphy, OneSediment and OnePetrology, national/regional nodes such as DDE China, interest nodes such as cartography, physical nodes such as outcrop profiles, and layer nodes such as Global Layer. Taking OneSediment as an example, under the guidance of sedimentological knowledge system, constructed the global entity relationship and local entity relationship of more than 50 branches of professional thematic data based on the One sample ID concept. And on this basis, promoted the construction of more than 30 thematic databases, such as clastic components, clastic zircons and tectonic paleogeography. A professional data collection team was formed to carry out topical data mining on literature long-tail sedimentology.

DDE metadata standard

Based on the reference to international standards such as ISO 19115 metadata standard for geographic information, standards for application in the solid earth field such as One Geology metadata standard, combined with the characteristics of DDE deep-time data, and cooperated with the DDE standard group to complete the DDE metadata standard (Exposure Draft). The draft standard proposed metadata items with a timeline concept and directly supported the construction of the metadata database of DDE data registration and repository prototype system.

DDE International Cooperation and Exchange on Big Data

The DDE Big Data Group participated in the Annual Geophysical Conference of Japan in June 2021, and a presentation was given by Prof. Juanle Wang on “A big data construction framework for deep-time earth science programme”. In December 2021, DDE Suzhou Center of Excellence as co-organizer, co-organized the international workshop on Open Science and Disaster Risk Reduction. This workshop was hosted by International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspices of UNESCO (IKCEST) and Section on Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO. Prof. Juanle Wang gave a presentation on "Global Disaster Database Review". About 70 experts and scholars from China, the United States, Japan, France and South Africa, attended the workshop, and more than 830 audiences visited the live broadcast website.