Advancements in Global Geological Mapping and Collaboration with CGMW


Regularly updated progress within the group:

One is to complete the empowerment project "1:5 million construction of the World Geological Map Database" (The World 5M). The project collected and organized 14 global intercontinental regional geological map databases and geological map data based on the overall goal, systematically completed the construction of the 1:5 million World Geological Map Database (The World 5M), achieved the integrated construction and application of the 1:5 million global geological map data, formed the 1:5 million World Geological Map Spatial Database, and established the mutual relationship between fully digital continental geology and marine structures. The integrated database not only preserves the rich geological information in the original database but also solves the problems of inconsistent geological boundaries and the digitalization of color codes encountered in the splicing of different geological maps. Currently, the preparation of the final report for the DDE empowerment project is underway, with preparations for a global review by the Scientific Committee in December.

Secondly, carry out the research and development of the Global Layer visualization mapping platform. Together with the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they are jointly responsible for the development of the DDE Global Layer online mapping platform. At present, DDE-Global Layer, as a lightweight and easy-to-use interactive digital geological mapping professional platform, has been synchronized with the DDE platform for global release at the UNESCO Open Forum in November 2023. The 1:5 million world geological map database has achieved large data loading and visual display on the platform. Currently, research and development work is underway on the platform symbol library, template optimization, etc. AGU will update the platform in December.


Regular updates of DDE internal exchanges and discussions:

As discussed during the forum, the main project that could be envisaged through a DDE-CGMW collaboration would foster the World5M toward new modern horizons.

1. Updating the World 5M.

2. Create online tools/settings for checking and implementing user feedback.

3. Adapt new layers/datasets.