DDE Marginal Seas Task Group member Prof. Peter Clift visited Guangzhou


According to an invitation from Dr. Jinpeng Zhang from Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), CGS, China, DDE Marginal Seas Task Group member Prof. Peter Clift from University College London, UK/Louisiana State University, USA visited Guangzhou on 21st June 2023.

Prof. Clift has given a lecture in the base of GMGS, Guangzhou, entitled of “Holocene, modern and future sediment transport through the mouths of the Pearl and Indus rivers”. The presentation focuses on the topic of sediment transport in large river deltas in Asia. It was a synthesis of work in Pakistan and China, mostly representing the works of Prof. Clift’s students over the past 20 years.

Both DDE-MS TG members (JPZ and PC) discussed research work on the continental shelf of southern China and the Quaternary history of the Pearl River Delta. In particular, the meeting discussed the upcoming coring of the outer continental shelf by GMGS to a depth of 300 - 350 m below the seafloor, and what research might best be done after the coring, assuming a largely successful recovery of sediments. The future collaboration within the Marginals Seas realm was discussed, especially in the future drilling of the South China Shelf and joint research.



Authors: Jinpeng Zhang, Yufeng Wang, Pingyuan Li, Jianmei Hou, Qiao Xue