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The DDE Platform is a one-stop online geoscience research platform. Its scope is to make global geo-scientists’ collaborative innovation and discovery more efficient and intelligent.

As an online platform for interdisciplinary collaborative research, the DDE Platform has created an online workspace to support "data-model-computation" driven research. This document is to provide support for users who are using the DDE Platform and the corresponding products with a description of the mission, scope, goals and constructive contents of the DDE Platform, especially to demonstrate DDE business architecture, application system architecture and technical architecture through the design of the enterprise architecture. This document offers a guide of resource, service capabilities, and disciplinary research provided by DDE. This document also provides DDE participants and partners with a navigation to know and connect with each other.

From the perspective of resource sharing, this document aims at how the DDE Platform collects, aggregates and shares resources, including data, knowledge and models (methods) from various sources. DDE provides standardized expressions and systematic management of these resources in different specifications to help building a long-term joint-contribution and shared-benefits platform.

From the capability support level of the platform, this document is used to provide platform creators and maintainers with a clear platform technical system and operational functions, and to clarify the corresponding functions of each key functional module to explain how the DDE Platform operates.

From the perspective of software development, this document explains the technical architecture, and provides software developers with the extension of the platform function modules (components) and the extensions of the discipline function modules (components) from the technical level, so as to explain how the DDE Platform develops itself and integrates with the discipline.


Finally, in order to provide a better user experience, DDE provides the platform's user management mechanism, security mechanism, multi-language and collaborative communication mechanism to help researchers from different countries quickly participate in the platform.