DDE Research Center of Excellence (Suzhou)



Design drawings of the future DDE Research Center of Excellence in Suzhou, China

The DDE Research Center of Excellence (Suzhou) is located in Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Park, Kunshan county, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China. It is located near the international city Shanghai with convenient transportations: by driving, it takes one hour from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and one and half hours from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to here; by High-speed Train, it takes twenty-minutes from Kunshan South station to Shanghai Hongqiao station to here; by subway (run in 2024), it takes one and half hours from Shanghai Hongqiao international airport and two and half hours from Shanghai Pudong international airport to here.

Location and Transportation

The DDE Research Center of Excellence (Suzhou) is located in a district where the scenery is breathtaking. Surrounded by lakes and water towns, the city's largest wetland park-Kunshan Forest Park is located one kilometer away from the center and Duke Kunshan University is just right next. It also takes only 10 minutes by car from the center to the biggest shopping mall in Kunshan. RCE (Suzhou) is proud of the combination of pastoral and metropolitan living conditions it provides to our scientists.

Life Surrounding——Da Yu Bay

Next to RCE, full of restaurants and boutique stores with good view

Zhou Zhuang——One of the most famous water towns in China

Duke Kunshan University


Temporary office spaceSpacious Office equipped with high-tech facilities

The newly furnished office has a total of 1680 square meters and has been fully equipped with high-tech conference devices. High speed internet connections and self-managed servers guarantee high-quality international communication and powerful computing capability. The center also serves employees with several tearooms and viewing terrace for rest and recreation.


Conference Room

Tea Room



Contact information

Address: Room 1101, South Building, 1699 Zuchongzhi S. Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Telephone: +86-512-5513 2000