DDE Platform



*Coming in June 2022


DDE Platform is a one-stop online research platform, built for enabling and empowering global geoscientists' collaborative innovation and discoveries, dedicated to the Advancement of Geoscience Research. It is aimed to:

1) Build an open global data network to influence how data will be produced, accessed, analyzed, visualized, shared and archived;

2) Constructing global geoscience knowledge graph based on expert knowledge and literature information attempting to get insights of deep-time earth from more perspectives;

3) Provide an online collaboration platform for interdisciplinary collaborative research;

4) Create an online workspace to support “data-model-computing-driven” research;

Contribute to the transformation of geoscience research through the emerging practices of digital scholarship, data, knowledge and computation stewardship, and open science.


Deep-time Engine

Deep-time Engine is the core module of DDE Platform. It contains four level of sub-engine, which corresponds to computing, data, knowledge, and research services respectively. These services support cases in different geoscientific fields.

Data Service

Geology data is abundant, but not all of them is accessible or utilised efficiently. It is scattered around the world, it may be on a page in a library book, it may be in the records of a laboratory instrument, or it may be in the storage of a personal computer. If these scattered and long-tailed data are not connected and aggregated, it is difficult to understand the evolution of the earth and reveal the laws of the earth's evolution.

The DDE platform promotes the construction of a global geological data network that conforms to the FAIR principle by establishing data discovery and connection supported by the central concept, and expressing global geological data through a unified DDE meta-standard. At the same time, establish a user-centered data share system, utilize and break through new information technology, realize the explosive growth of data, make data flow on the platform and among users, form a virtuous circle, and truly realize the sharing of global geoscience data.

The data nodes linked by the DDE hub can be retrieved, browsed, calculated, managed, and shared by users of the platform according to the different openness of the data, and also supports the collaboration of multiple users to complete data production.

Knowledge Service

DDE's governance of knowledge mainly consists of two products of big knowledge, namely GAKG and GPKG. GAKG is a multimodal knowledge graph formed by extracting knowledge from global geoscience literature and manually annotating it. GPKG is a platform for knowledge content editing by professional geoscientists around the world.

With top-down expert knowledge editing and bottom-up literature knowledge extraction, DDE Platform provides one-stop geoscience knowledge service to provide users with global shared and co-constructed geoscience knowledge. This geoscientific knowledge will better guide users to conduct scientific research, and also provide raw materials for knowledge-based scientific research (such as artificial intelligence).

Computing Service

Computing resources are the basis of data-driven geological analysis. With Deep-time Engine, DDE provides global geoscience scientists with fair, convenient and powerful online geoscience computing services, it includes:

1) Provide globally accessible cloud infrastructure services through DDE Cloud;

2) Abundant geoscience analysis tool and workflow services;

3) Large-scale, high-performance geoscience computing services.

Through the above three-level services, geoscience researchers can use DDE's computing resources, models and workflows to complete their own scientific research through efficient online computing and analysis capabilities, and obtain the research and analysis results they want.

Scene-oriented Service

Based on Deep-time Engine's computing services, data services, knowledge services and flexible assembly capabilities, DDE platform can quickly create a customized working platform for complex scientific research and analysis scenarios with service APIs and browser components. We’ve already created several working platforms, such as the Dental Zircon Analysis Platform and the Global Heat-flow Mapping Platform.

 How to Use DDE Platform 

The Deep-time.org website is a comprehensive manifestation of the DDE Platform. Users can directly search, visualize, analyze all the resources on the website, manage their own research with “MyDDE” and collaborate with others via “Project”.

Meanwhile, based on Deep-time.org, DDE Platform has also developed a series of working platforms and products for researchers to access and make use of resources of specific subject conveniently.