REPORT: The Journal ‘Science’ published a short article about the DDE program on March 1st, 2019


In the article, "Earth scientists plan a 'geological Google'", Dennis Normile described, a group of earth scientists and information specialists laying plans to link now isolated databases into a 'geological Google' that will hopefully be a one-stop portal allowing researchers to access all the data they need to tackle significant questions. Normile also mentioned that DDE scientists envision using big data techniques to probe numerous information sources to study such issues as patterns of biodiversity over geologic time, how metal deposits came to be distributed the way they are, and the workings of Africa's complex groundwater networks. Finally, the article points out that the Deep-time Digital Earth initiative has gotten initial funding and logistical support from within China. The DDE community is hoping to enlist more widespread support to get the database up and running by spring 2020.